On my new album AEAEA I had the privilege of recording with a beautiful flamenco blanca made by Lester DeVoe. I love how the guitar sounds on the record and how easy it was to dial in a guitar tone. In fact, there was no dialing at all, Lester's guitars are so well balanced and have such a rich full tone that you just need to pull up a mic and play.  It was exactly the guitar tone I was looking for on this album. Almost has a "bell" like quality to the higher strings and found it perfect for the music I write and play. It is also the guitar I had on tour with Ottmar Liebert back in 09' which worked perfectly for playing live with a mic. Immediate compliments from the sound engineer at sound check when we put a mic on it.

Here are a few photo's of the guitar


I am very much looking forward to a new flamenco blanca guitar that I've had on order with Lester and I believe he starts working on it in the next week or so which puts the delivery date to around 5 months time. We talked about changing the neck size ever so slightly to fit my fretting hand as I feel my hands have changed a bit over time and a few other requests I had made for the guitar. This time around I have chosen a cedar top with cypruss sides, amber finish and a rosette that has a Greek Key in it, which we both agreed the design fits me well being that AEAEA and Thira are both Greek influenced along with my family roots. The guitar should look something like this (below). The Greek Key symbolizes the bonds of love, friendship and devotion, eternal life, creative energy. This rosette also pays homage to the old Santos Hernandez rosette and Lester calls this, his Santos design.

A few examples of the Greek Key for those of you not familiar:

I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter of music with this new guitar and feel very blessed to be able to work with Lester again. I'm looking forward to how this instrument will inspire me to write and play.