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Guitar virtuoso Stephen Duros will be releasing his latest concept album "AEAEA" on July 31st through Luminescent Records. It features twelve chapters (songs) as Duros looks to take you on a musical journey to the mystical island told in the Greek poem "The Odyssey." This album has been four years in the making as he performs everything from flamenco to electric guitar along with keyboards and percussion. The story begins with grand orchestration that leads into the light, mystical feel of the first two chapters. The music begins to take on a more exotic tone in chapters three and five as the music gets more intense. The adventure reaches its heights in chapters seven and eight, before special guest guitarist Ottmar Liebert performs a Floydian-like solo in chapter ten. The story closes with the seven-minute flamenco highlights of chapter twelve along with the return of the grand orchestration. To find out more about Stephen Duros and his latest release "AEAEA," please visit his website at